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When Will Discovery Plus Be Available On Vizio Smart TV?

Discovery Plus has emerged as a notable streaming service, offering a vast library of content that caters to a diverse audience with interests ranging from nature and science to reality and cooking shows. As streaming platforms become increasingly popular, their availability across various devices, especially smart TVs, becomes a crucial factor for viewers.

In this context, the focus on Vizio Smart TVs is particularly relevant. Vizio, known for its affordable yet high-quality smart TVs, has a significant user base and is a popular choice among consumers. However, the availability of specific streaming services like Discovery Plus on these devices can often be a topic of discussion and anticipation among users.

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When Will Discovery Plus Be Available on Vizio Smart TVs? We will explore the current status of Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs, speculate on potential release dates, and examine the implications of this integration for both companies and their consumers.

When Will Discovery Plus Be Available On Vizio Smart TV?

As of December 16, 2021, Discovery and Vizio announced that Discovery Plus, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service, is now available to millions of Vizio SmartCast users.

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As part of the launch, Vizio will feature a unique content experience on the SmartCast home screen. The dedicated carousel, “Discover More on Discovery Plus,” will showcase the variety and volume of the content portfolio and introduce users to the best of Discovery Plus with the top shows and fan favorites.

Discovery Plus On Vizio Smart TV

“VIZIO SmartCast users can now experience the high quality, non-fiction storytelling that Discovery is known for as well as enjoy an extensive slate of exclusive Discovery+ originals and shows across a broad range of genres,” said Katherine Pond, Vice President of Business Development at VIZIO. “The addition of discovery+ on the SmartCast home screen means audiences can dive into a deep catalog of content and instantly stream some of the most popular television shows.”

The full information can be found here.

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Alternatives Ways to Access Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs

Discovery Plus might not be directly available on all Vizio Smart TVs, especially older models. However, there are several alternative methods to access Discovery Plus content on your Vizio Smart TV. Here are some of the options:

  1. Streaming Devices: You can use various streaming devices that support Discovery Plus and connect them to your Vizio Smart TV. Some popular options include Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. These devices plug into your TV’s HDMI port and allow you to download and access the Discovery Plus app.
  2. Gaming Consoles: If you have a gaming console like an Xbox One or PlayStation, you can use it to download and stream Discovery Plus on your TV.
  3. Smartphone/Tablet Casting: Most smartphones and tablets can cast content to your Vizio Smart TV. You can use the Discovery Plus app on your mobile device and cast the content to your TV using:
    • Apple AirPlay (for iOS devices)
    • Google Cast (for Android devices)
  4. Computer: Connect your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable. You can access Discovery Plus through a web browser and view it on your TV.
  5. Vizio SmartCast Mobile App: If your Vizio TV is compatible with Vizio’s SmartCast Mobile app, you might be able to cast Discovery Plus from the app directly to your TV.
  6. Software Updates: Ensure your Vizio Smart TV is running the latest firmware. Sometimes, new apps are added with software updates.
  7. Secondary Streaming Services: Some content from Discovery Plus might be available through other streaming services that are accessible on Vizio Smart TVs, like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, depending on their agreements with Discovery.

Remember, the availability of Discovery Plus and its compatibility with devices and other streaming services can change over time, so it’s a good idea to check the most current information from Discovery Plus and Vizio.

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Implications of the Integration

1. Benefits for Consumers

The integration of Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs significantly broadens the range of content available to consumers. This includes access to a vast library of documentaries, reality shows, and exclusive originals from networks like Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet.

With Discovery Plus on their Vizio Smart TVs, consumers can enjoy a more consolidated and convenient streaming experience, reducing the need for external devices or switching between different platforms.

The integration allows for more personalized content recommendations and viewing experiences. Discovery Plus could utilize data from Vizio Smart TVs to tailor suggestions based on viewing habits, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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2. Strategic Advantages for Discovery Plus and Vizio

By being available on Vizio Smart TVs, Discovery Plus can tap into Vizio’s extensive user base, potentially increasing its subscriber count and market penetration.

This expansion is particularly strategic as it allows Discovery Plus to compete more effectively with other streaming services already available on Vizio platforms.

Benefits of discovery plus for Vizio Consumers

Offering Discovery Plus enhances the value proposition of Vizio Smart TVs. This could influence the purchasing decisions of potential buyers looking for a TV with a wide array of streaming options.

It also keeps Vizio competitive with other smart TV brands that already offer Discovery Plus, helping to retain its market share and appeal to a broader audience.

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3. Impact on the Streaming Industry

The integration reflects the ongoing shift in consumer preferences towards streaming services and the expectation for these services to be easily accessible on smart TVs.

It underscores the importance of streaming platforms to be flexible and adaptable to various distribution channels to meet consumer demand.

This integration could set a precedent, encouraging other streaming services and smart TV manufacturers to forge similar partnerships, further enhancing the streaming ecosystem and user experience.

4. Potential Challenges and Considerations

Ensuring a seamless integration might pose technical challenges, such as compatibility issues and maintaining a consistent user experience across different models of Vizio Smart TVs.

Both companies need to work collaboratively to address these challenges and ensure that the service runs smoothly on the Vizio platform.

As streaming services and smart TV manufacturers navigate partnerships, they must also balance their relationships with competitors and other partners. This requires strategic planning and negotiation to maintain a competitive yet cooperative market environment.

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The integration of Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs reflects and potentially influences industry trends, setting the stage for future innovations and collaborations in the world of digital entertainment. However, successful execution will require careful consideration of technical, operational, and market dynamics.


How can I watch Discovery Plus if it’s not yet available on Vizio Smart TVs?

In the meantime, you can use alternative methods such as casting from a smartphone or tablet using Chromecast or Apple AirPlay or connecting a streaming device (like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV) to your Vizio TV via HDMI.

Will all Vizio Smart TV models support Discovery Plus?

The compatibility of Discovery Plus will likely depend on the model and software version of your Vizio Smart TV. Keep an eye on official announcements for details about supported models.

Is there a cost to access Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs?

Discovery Plus is a subscription-based service, so you will need to have an active subscription to access its content. However, downloading the app on a Vizio Smart TV is free of charge.

Can I use my existing Discovery Plus account on Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, if Discovery Plus becomes available on your Vizio Smart TVs, you should be able to log in with your existing account details.

What content will be available on Discovery Plus for Vizio Smart TV users?

Discovery Plus offers a wide range of content, including documentaries, reality shows, and exclusive originals from networks like Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and more. The same content available on other platforms is expected to be available on Vizio Smart TVs.

Will there be any exclusive features for Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs?

As of now, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding exclusive features for Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TVs. Typically, the app experience is consistent across various platforms, but any special features will be detailed in official announcements.

Are there any potential technical issues to anticipate with the Discovery Plus integration?

Potential technical issues might include compatibility with certain Vizio Smart TV models, app stability, and streaming quality. However, both Vizio and Discovery Plus will likely work to ensure a smooth user experience upon release.


The integration of Discovery Plus with Vizio Smart TVs marks a significant step in enhancing the streaming experience for users. This collaboration not only benefits consumers with more content options but also signifies important industry trends in streaming and smart TV technology. As the landscape continues to evolve, this partnership is a testament to the ever-growing desire for accessibility and variety in home entertainment.

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